On behalf of our clients and ourselves, we identify, source, buy, sell, install, move and store fine art, with a specialisation in modern and contemporary art—especially blue-chip works by leading C20th and C21st masters and highly sought-after emergent talents. We make well informed and considered acquisition and sales decisions based upon both connoisseurship and rationality. Art is an important asset that meets various definitions of value and, as such, we focus our efforts on building, growing and managing world class art collections that align with these criteria.
Our core services can be summarised under three main categories: 
Acquisition and Investment
Collections Management 
We provide art buying advisory and strategy, tailored collecting advice, art as alternative investment advice, sales advice including negotiations with auction houses, lecture seminars, art related events and socials, collection management including storage, shipping logistics and installation arrangements.
Our only agenda is to identify the best opportunities for our clients. Our personal wealth is dependant upon the same choices and we routinely commit our own resources and funds to those same opportunities.