We are equal parts passionate collectors and senior fine art professionals. Nordic Art Partners is a business consisting of modern and contemporary art experts with more than 50 years combined, high-level experience in London, Paris, New York and Copenhagen, in the various fields of auction house, gallery, private advisory and online marketplace. 
We have extensive knowledge of every aspect of the industry, ranging from art history and connoisseurship, to complex deal-making to art market trends. We have a global network of leading contacts, which we can call upon for actionable information, intelligence, diverse perspectives and access. 
We appreciate and understand art as a vital component of a flourishing society that both reflects and shapes its culture, but also as an underestimated asset class with a high performance history. Acquiring art and building a meaningful collection that meets the various definitions of value requires expertise because the industry is unregulated and difficult to access and navigate without the experience, insights and established specialised network that we provide.
Founded in 2023 by Jeppe Curth and Nicholas Robinson we are based in Copenhagen, but international in outlook and approach.